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A list of published books and books in progress written by children's picture book author, Michael Roth


River is a puppy in search of a new friend. When Mom and Dad bring home a new, little sister, named Willow, River expects Willow will be the perfect friend. But Willow steals food, slobbers on toys, makes messes all over the house, and takes away from River's time with Mom and Dad. River is sure there has been a terrible mistake. Willow isn't a new friend, she's a MONSTER! River does not want to play with her sister, she will find a new friend instead.

"A humorous, heartwarming, and honest story about learning to appreciate a challenging, new sibling."

River's New Friend highlights that relationships with siblings can be challenging sometimes, but through the story, River learns to appreciate her new sister and by the end River is glad that her sister is part of the family.

River's New Friend is full of humor and has fun read-along elements like animal sounds and actions. It is perfect for children with siblings, children who love dogs, and readers, children and adults alike, looking for a fun and engaging story.

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