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Michael lives in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania with his wife and their two dogs, River and Willow.

While Michael has always enjoyed stories, it didn't occur to him that HE could write stories himself until later in life when he listened to a podcast called Writing Excuses. It's hosts, all professional writers themselves, shared weekly writing lessons and explained that writing is a skill that can be learned and improved, not something one is simply born good at. Michael found this message empowering and has been writing ever since.

While he has dabbled in writing different genres, where he has found his passion is in writing children's picture books. His debut picture book, "River's New Friend", comes out in Summer of 2023.

Because he has benefited so greatly from the experience and teachings of other writers in his own journey, Michael makes a point of paying it forward and sharing what he has learned. This was the motivation behind creating the Why in the World? YouTube channel where he makes short videos on different writing and publishing topics.

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