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Michael lives in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania with his wife and their two dogs, River and Willow. His debut picture book, “River’s New Friend”, a story about learning to accept a new sibling, came out in the Summer of 2023. He is currently working on the sequel, “Willow’s New Toy”, which is scheduled to be released in Fall of 2024.

Unlike many published authors, Michael did not grow up with a love of writing. Michael discovered writing as a passion later in life when he was in his mid-thirties after listening to a podcast called “Writing Excuses”, which made writing feel accessible and fun.

Michael grew up in Highlands Ranch, Colorado and attended Fox Creek Elementary School, Cresthill Middle School, and Highlands Ranch High School. He has a degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Colorado.

Prior to becoming a professional author, Michael founded a tech start-up company that specialized in the use of statistics and data analysis to help people understand and solve the problems they faced. Michael retired from Engineering to focus on writing picture books.

In the Summer of 2024, Michael is going back to school at Indiana University of Pennsylvania to get a masters degree in Mental Health Counseling so that he can work part time as a therapist while continuing to write stories.

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